Very humbling to stand in this photo with my heroes. @cathyfreemanofficial gave us a talk today that was truly moving, honest and inspiring. I found I had so many parallels with her in her journey through life. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼 @markrichardssurfboards has inspired from a very young age and has given me such great advice over the years in critical moments. Cheers MR! @laynebeachley is one of the fiercest competitors I’ve ever met. Very honest and funny. She not only helped change the face of women surfing she was a huge catalyst for where professional surfing was to where it is today. Thanks Layne. And @stephaniegilmore has inspired me to flow and dance with the ocean with grace and style. She competes ferociously whilst still smiling like a kid in a candy shop. Thanks for showing me how to add both those together. And thank you to all the people I got to spend time with over the last few days. Congrats to @bededurbo for pulling it all together. Look forward to the next steps of our Aussie surfers. @surfingaushpc 📷 @tedgrambeau

♥ 20149