Surfboards used by Mick Fanning

October 23 2012

Europe was a brutal leg for me and I didn't get the results I wanted. Felt like I was surfing well but it just didn't flow for me. Anyway, I'm still in the race and I'm gonna give it everything I've got in the last two events. One thing I have to say is that my boards have been incredible this year. I wanna give big props to my shaper Darren Handley. He reviewed my traveling quiver just before I set off on the Eruo leg, thought I'd share the piece…

Mick’s European quiver was designed by DH for all types of waves and conditions. “In France and Portugal you just don’t know what the conditions are gonna be like. The waves can be 1 foot one day and 10 feet the next. Mick’s biggest board is a 6’3 that he rides in absolute pumping conditions. In his quiver he also has a bunch of rounded pin 5 fins. These are still works in progress, but they seemed to really work for Mick in Tahiti. Even Parko was riding a quad in that final. Anything that barrels and needs some speed Mick will be riding a quad with a rounded pin. In that quiver he has a board for any type of condition and I will be over there so if he needs anything else we can shape that for him there. I am really looking forward to watching Mick’s surfing in these three events. We have been working really hard to get to this point and I wish him all the best”—DH. To read the full article click here.