Red Bull Surf Camp Australia

June 20 2012

A while back I approached Red Bull about doing a camp with Australia's best up and coming kids. In April we made it happen. The aim of thecamp was to take a bunch of talented groms on a trip up the coast and pass on some of the things I have picked up that might help them in their careers. We worked on their surfing and competitive strategy with help from Red Bull coaches Sean Hayes and Andy King. We also talked about stuff like eating well, fitness, being a good sport and working with the media.

The kids we chose were Mikey Wright, Kai Hing, Jordy Lawler, Luke Hynd, Jacob Willcox, Cody Robinson, Luke Wrice, Chris Zaffis, Alyssa Lock, Kyuss King and Kalani Ball. We took them on a week long road trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast. We scored sick waves everyday and the groms were ripping. Photog Bosko came along for part of the journey and shot the photos you can see in the gallery. Thanks to the groms for being such a bunch of legends and cheers to Red Bull for helping bring life to the idea.